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Let's get one thing straight - I'm not here to tell you how to give birth or raise your baby.

Birthing Confidence is here because you deserve to have the skills, resources, and information needed to have the type of birth you desire and to be as prepared as possible for the journey ahead.  

I'm Jamie, the owner of Birthing Confidence. I'm a mom of twin girls, a dog, two cats, and a wife. I've worked in nonprofits and sales and am a social worker by training. I have an odd obsession with pens and like to eat SpaghettiOs in the summer.

I became a childbirth and infant sleep educator because I believe the process of becoming a parent is one of life's greatest journeys. And I know how hard it can be to set out on a new, scary, and life-altering journey without support, guidance, and reassurance. My personal mission is to support you through your pregnancy and the postpartum journey while arming you with evidence-based facts and options so you can feel confident with the choices you make along the way.

We used to have a village of parents who guided us through our worries, fears, and desires. We had women who showed us what to eat while pregnant to get rid of the nausea, how to move in a labor, and how to care for that little miracle you created so lovingly.  

The village is gone but the need for one is probably greater than ever before. 

We are here to be your village.

Birthing Confidence provides childbirth and infant sleep education, infant sleep coaching, and postpartum support services to new parents. My goal is to help you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, birth, and early months home as much as possible.  

Certified Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes:

Childbirth education not just for those exploring a natural birth. Whether you are exploring a non-medicated, medicated, or a cesarean, it's important is that you feel confident in your decisions and excited about your birth.  

Using the Lamaze pregnancy, birth, and parenthood fundamentals, Birthing Confidence seeks to give you and your partner courage and choice so you can have the safest, most natural, and positive birth experience you want and can have.

When expecting twins or higher order multiples

Pregnancies with multiples adds potential risks so it is even more important to know your options in order to manage expectations and birth your children in the way that seems most comfortable and safe for you and your family.  This is why Birthing Confidence offers private classes exclusively geared for parents expecting multiples and always offers an extra hour during our group classes at no extra charge.

Infant Sleep Education & Coaching

Offering an alternative to sleep training, our Infant Sleep Education program educates you and your family about how babies are naturally designed to sleep, prepares you for the reality of your baby's sleep patterns, and gives you the tools you need to problem solve through sleep issues that may arise. COMING IN MAY 2017.

Postpartum Support

And we will be there after the birth. There is so much going on during pregnancy, that we don't take too much time out to think about how things will be when we bring the one, two, or more babies home. Birthing Confidence provides postpartum support services to new parents so mom can heal, parents can bond, and a new normal can be created.

Birthing Confidence offers baby care classes, sleep coaching, and parent concierge services. 

Jamie Mueller Twins

More about Jamie

I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and have training in postpartum doula work, breastfeeding support, belly binding, and information and referral. I'm currently pursuing my Infant Sleep Educator certification and should have it in place by May 2017.

I have a masters in social work and have been professionally trained in crisis intervention, information and referral support, and suicide prevention. I have gone through both the Bradley Method and Lamaze childbirth classes. I am an active member of Lamaze International and the Lamaze DC Chapter.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions.  I'd be honored to support you on one of life's most amazing and beautiful adventures.