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Hi there! I'm Jamie, the owner of Birthing Confidence. 

Birthing Confidence coaches parents through one of the most transformational moments of their life by providing childbirth education, birth doula support, and postpartum services.

We provide Lamaze Certified Childbirth classes, prenatal and birth doula support, and short term postpartum support services. My goal is to help you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, birth, and early months home.  I value a real and no-fluff attitude where we can concentrate on what YOU need and what YOU want. 

About Jamie:

I became passionate about childbirth after having my twin girls. I realized that there were a lot of families who are unaware of their options and the latest research around methods of birth and postpartum care. 

Then, as I started researching different approaches to childbirth education and support, it became abundantly clear to me that the birth world can be a little... fluffy, crunchy, earthy... whatever you want to call it. And I admire and respect those who fill that space but that isn't me. I come from a corporate background and am more moderate in my views and actions. If that seems more like your type of personality, I might be a good fit for you.

I am a Certified Lamaze instructor, pursuing my DONA Doula certification, and I have a Masters in Social Work. I have training in advance pain management techniques, high risk birth support, crisis intervention, mental health support, and information and referral.

I live in Lovettsville, VA with my husband, twin girls, my best buddy Barklie the Labradoodle, and 2 fat cats. 

I love to knit, build websites, and cycle. 


Our underlying beliefs:

  • Education is the key to empowerment

  • Labor support makes a difference

  • Birth is an important moment in a long adventure

  • Postpartum care matters

  • Being real with our clients helps them better address their concerns and make informed decisions

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