We Have BIG News!

Birth Doula Loudoun County

A friend once told me that life is just a series of changing seasons. They are seasons that come with growth, age, and experience. Some are met with dread and disappointment and others anticipation and delight.  In some ways, they remind me of the four seasons. Some we look forward to more than others. 

Lately, I feel as though I have been hibernating through a long winter season. During this winter I've been growing and nurturing two young humans who are starting to come into a new season of their own. I've been working multiple jobs to prepare for the new season to come, and I've been learning. Ohhh so much learning and training.

I feel like a new season is upon me. The first sprigs of grass and buds of leaves are popping out from under the snow. It is time to emerge from hibernation and self-reflection to give more and get more with the talents I have and the knowledge I've gained. It's time for Spring!

So, with all those analogies aside, I'd like to simply say: I'm ready. I'm ready to support you through your journey into parenthood as your birth doula. I'm ready to dedicate my time, energy, passion, and love to helping you have the birth you deserve and desire. I'm ready to support your partner and help them become the person you depend and lean on during your passage into motherhood.

I'm here. Spring is here.

~ Jamie