Local Photographer Spotlight: Emily Gerald Photography

I love birth photography and photographers. They are blessed to capture one of the most transformative moments in a woman's life and the beginning of a new life at the same time. I wanted to introduce you to some of these amazing photographers this year. 

First up is Emily Gerald of Emily Gerald Photography!

Area served: Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland

Specialties: Bumps, Babies, and Birth

Website: www.emilygeraldphotography.com

Email: emily@emilygeraldphotography.com

Getting to Know Emily

BC: Why did you become a pregnancy/birth/baby photographer? EG: When I first started shooting newborns, I thought my passion came out of my love of babies. However, while I do love them (and snuggling them), as I grew personally and professionally and my business grew to accommodate maternity, birth, and newborns, I realized my passion was driven by my love for the family unit.

I come from a big family and have a close relationship with my parents and siblings. Being able to capture those connections when they start is so special to me. I am a total people-person and love to be surrounded by people as well as meet new people. Getting to know and love the families I work with brings me so much joy and purpose. Being able to support expectant and new moms through such a wonderful transition and to give them beautiful images to remember this fleeting time is such a gift.

BC: How long have you been photographing?
 I first learned photography about 10 years ago, started shooting professionally five years ago and have been focusing on maternity, birth, and newborn photography for four years.

BC: How would you describe your style? 
Clean, bright, timeless, sophisticated, emotional and modest.

BC: What is your favorite part of your job? 
EG: Building relationships with my clients. I feel like supporting and loving families through this time is really what my calling is. Photographing them and delivering beautiful images that become their cherished heirlooms is an added and fun bonus!

BC: How does it usually work when you're scheduled to shoot a birth? 
 I go on call for a birth client starting at 38 weeks and remain on call until 42 weeks. When my client is in active labor, I arrive at their birthing space and stay until about two hours after the baby has been born. This allows me to capture much of the laboring process as well as first breath, baby meeting the parents and family, etc.

BC: What is one of your favorite photography sessions?
EG: I love to capture in-home maternity sessions. Capturing the expecting family in their home and the space they have prepared for their little one is always so fun. Their feelings of anticipation and joy are palpable. And then, getting to follow that same family through their birth and newborn session... it is amazing to witness all of those miraculous milestones. I often find myself saying “I can’t believe he/she is already here!” at their newborn sessions. 

BC: What do you think sets you apart from other photographers? 
My ability to maintain a high level of professionalism while building personal relationships with the families I work with. My work is modest, clean, and timeless. My priority is protecting my clients private memories. I am also committed to growing and elevating the birth photography industry as a whole and have spent countless hours giving away free education to aspiring birth photographers as well as teaching workshops, mentoring, and coaching other photographers. My belief is that in doing so, our industry will grow and more families will be able to have these memories captured for them.

Thank you, Emily Gerald for sharing your work with Birthing Confidence!