How to Have a Faster Birth

Did you know that your environment and the people around you can slow down your labor?

Yeppers, it can happen. You see, your contractions are the result of a hormone called oxytocin flowing through you. 

Oxytocin in stronger when certain variables are present:
1. You are relaxed and feel safe.
2. You are surrounded by people you know, love you and are looking out for your best interests.

Make a list of things and people who fall into those two categories. 
How can you amplify that environment or those peoples' presence?

Now let's think about what might inhibit the flow of oxytocin. 
Some common ones are:
1. The hospital (smells, beeps, strangers, lack of privacy, lighting)
2. A labor partner who isn't present in a way that makes you feel loved, safe, and taken care of.
3. A labor support person who is more there for themselves than you.
4. Fear. Fear of birth, of hospitals, of pain.

How can you minimize these oxytocin inhibitors? 
Some ideas are:
1. Bring familiar and comforting objects with you to the hospital.
2. Turn off the fluorescent lights and bring battery candles or string lights.
3. Only invite support people who will be there to support YOU.
4. Take a childbirth education class with your labor partner so they can learn how to best support you and you can minimizing the fear of the unknown.

Share this with your labor-team so they understand how important their calming and loving presence is to your labor progression.