Essential Questions to Ask Your Prenatal Care Provider BEFORE You Hire Them!

Yup, you read that right. You HIRE your OBGyn or Midwife to care for you during your pregnancy and birth. That means you have a choice to make. 

I know in the first trimester your tired, nauseous, but also excited. You just want to get into the doctor, make sure everyone is healthy, and get that ultrasound. In the beginning, everything seems pretty routine, and a lot of conversation and decision-making doesn't seem necessary.

But as you enter your third trimester, things are going to start getting real.

"What if the baby is breech?"

"What if they come early?"

"What if my favorite doctor isn't available"

"I don't like the hospital but that is the only place my doctor goes..."

And by then, it feels too late to switch. It isn't, but it does feel that way. 

So, save yourself a lot of worry and stress on the backend, by spending some time shopping for the right care provider for you and your baby early on in your pregnancy.

Here are some suggested questions to ask: