Top 5 Deals Every Expecting Parent Should Get

Top 5 Deals for Expecting Parents.png

Having a baby is EXPENSIVE. On average a couple spends $30,000 in the first year. 

So finding deals, freebies, discounts for baby products and services is a necessary activity. I wanted to share 5 deals that I think all expecting parents should take advantage of. All of these are being given to EVERY VIP attendee of the virtual Parent2Be Conference which starts on February 1st. 

1. Let's get ready for that baby! Yiska Obadia is one of the most popular doulas in the country and she is offering all conference attendees her famous Comforting Touch for Birth Guidebook for 50% off.

2. FREE Stroller Strides or FIT4BABY Class through Fit4Mom. We continue to learn how critically important nutrition and physical fitness are during pregnancy. But we also know that it is really important to find a safe fitness routine.  Fit4Mom is offering attendees a free class that is safe for pregnancy and involves a ton of fun with other expecting and new parents. 

3. Meal Planning Help. Take it from me, after you have that kiddo, you are going to be hungry with no energy to make meals. Especially, if you're breastfeeding, nutrition is crucial but so is sleep. DO NOT WAIT to make meals. Make them ahead of time. Early Roots Nutrition is offering 50% off their Prepping For Beyond The Bump kit!

4. Maintain Your Relationship. Don't be fooled. Bringing home a baby rocks your relationship with your partner more than you can imagine. Valerie Kolick helps you prepare for the rocky road (mmm... ice cream) to come (what?! you're pregnant - you were thinking about it too!). Valerie is offering a free 5-Day Relationship Rescue Toolkit: A 5-day online video & workbook course that lays the foundation for a solid marriage and fixes any current problems in communication.

5. have you prepared for what you're going to do when your baby is actually here? Surprisingly, many don't. You figure the hard part is over. You didn't eat sushi for nine months and got the baby out. Check and check. But there is a lot more you can do to make that next three months go a lot smoother. Luckily MedCityDoulas has thought of everything and is giving every Parent2Be Conference attendee a free Postpartum Planning Vlog and Guide.

If you want these five amazing deals + over 40 others that the Parent2Be Conference is offering, you should join in! The conference is free with live speakers every day + an opportunity to network with other expecting parents. However, if you want all the recorded talks and all the freebies and discounts buy the VIP Pass for $24.99. Tt is an awesome deal in itself!