What is a Postpartum Doula?

A Postpartum Doula is someone who helps support you and your family after the birth of your babies.  They can come as often or as little as you want and can help you during the day or overnight.  Their goal is to help you and your family establish a "new normal" by creating a peaceful environment, building your confidence, and supporting your unique needs.

When to consider hiring a postpartum doula:

What can a Postpartum Doula do for you when you're expecting multiples?

  1. You don't have a strong family or friend support network nearby that can provide ongoing support to you and your family during your first few weeks home.
  2. You worry your support network may not understand how your needs are different because you are bringing home multiples.
  3. Your babies are in the NICU or one is home and one (or more) is in the NICU.
  4. You are concerned about logistics - how to breastfeed, how to get out of the house, how to put them to sleep, how to get rest and want help to establish your new routines.
  5. You are having a cesarian birth and will need help during your 2-week recovery.
  6. You and your partner need some solid sleep so you can prepare for the day ahead.

There are countless other reasons to hire a postpartum doula but these have been the main reasons I've heard lately.

Although I don't offer postpartum doula support, I am happy to refer you to a local provider.  

Contact me today if you're interested in postpartum doula support in the Northern Virginia or DC Metro area.