I'm Having a Cesarean Birth - Why Do I Need a Lamaze Class?

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So you've been told you should plan on a cesarean birth (also known as a c-section)? Maybe your baby is breech, your baby is at high risk, you're having more than one baby, or there is another complication that is preventing you from a vaginal birth. Or, you have decided to have a cesarean for personal reasons.  

Whatever the reason, I hope you still choose to take a childbirth education class. 

A lot of the time when I invite someone to attend a class I hear, "Well, I'm having a c-section so there really is no reason for me to attend a childbirth class".  Well, actually there are MANY reasons you should attend a childbirth class if you're planning on having a cesarean birth. 

Photo Credit:  Salim Fadhley

Photo Credit: Salim Fadhley

For one, just because you have a scheduled birth, does not mean your baby knows their birth date. According to one study, around 1 in 12 of low-risk women with scheduled cesarean births will end up going into labor prior to their scheduled cesarean. What does this mean for you? There is a likelihood that you will experience labor prior your cesarean and you may want to know how to cope effectively with labor pain and how to recognize the progression of your labor. There is also a likelihood that you may need to recognize the early signs so you know what to do if labor does seem imminent.  A childbirth education class can educate you on those signs as well as steps to take if you do begin to go into labor but are in need of a cesarean birth.

Beyond that, however, childbirth classes teach you a great deal more than just how to labor. In my classes we cover pregnancy nutrition, physical fitness and safety, the role of your partner in pregnancy and birth, all types of birth scenarios, what it is like in a hospital birth setting, how to bond with your baby immediately after birth, and what the postpartum period is going to be like after each type of birth scenario. 

Cesarean births ARE births. To not acknowledge that and incorporate all types of birth scenarios into my class would be negligent. I want to prepare all my parents for any birth scenarios they may come across. So mama, if you're anticipating a cesarean birth, join our class to learn all about birthing and caring for your little one and yourself.