Five Reasons to Take a Childbirth Class When Expecting Multiples

Photo by  Philippe Put

Photo by Philippe Put

Having twins, triplets, or more doesn't take away your right be educated and make informed choices about your pregnancy, your birth, and your babies.  

Here are 5 reasons you should take a childbirth class if you're having multiples. No matter how complicated the pregnancy may be:

1. To help you (and your partner) understand what your body is going through, the support you need as a pregnant woman, and how you can cope and be supported during the months of pregnancy.

2. To learn how to evaluate your care provider, ask questions, evaluate answers, and make informed decisions about your birth.

3. To bond with other parents expecting multiples and to form a support system with folks going through the experience at the same time as you.

4. To understand the types of medical interventions you might be exposed to and how they might affect you and your babies.

5. To understand what will happen after your babies are born.  What will it be like after a c-section or vaginal birth? How do you breastfeed two at once? What about the NICU?

Birthing Confidence seeks to provide a high-quality, childbirth education curriculum to parents of multiples. Because there are so few Lamaze classes for parents of multiples in the country, Birthing Confidence offers both online and in-person group classes.  

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