Malaysian Belly Binding

Malaysian Belly Binding

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In many eastern cultures, belly binding is an honored, postpartum tradition. Using a long strip of cloth, the practice involves securely, wrapping the torso and abdomen to support the uterus and other organs after birth.  Belly binding is a tradition in many eastern cultures. 

Some Benefits of Postpartum Belly Binding:

  • It brings in your ribcage, abdomen, and hips to keep everything in place

  • Pulls in the abdominal muscles to bring them back together and help limit diasis recti (ab separation)

  • Encourages healing from pelvic/pubic separation

  • Gives you a feeling of security and comfort

  • Prevents back pain and helps combat against the “nursing-slouch”

  • Speeds up the process of getting rid of waste blood to encourage postpartum healing

  • In the case of a miscarriage or still-birth, belly binding can improve emotional healing as it speeds physical healing

Q: What makes belly binding different from western postpartum girdles like Belly Bandit?
A: A Belly Bind is custom to your unique body. It also works more than just the waist - helping the ribcage and hips. Lastly, it stays put when you move and doesn't press on the abdomen. 

Q: How long should I wear the binding?
A: Although you can wear your belly bind as much as you want, because of our busy lives, we suggest you at least wear your bind 12-24 hours a day for 10-15 days. 

Q: How do I get the bind on and off?
A: You re-bind each time you want to take off the bind. We will teach you, or your partner how to re-bind you or you can buy a package where we will come and re-bind you regularly. 

Q: How do I go to the bathroom while wearing the belly bind?
A: Like you normally do ;) The belly bind will not interfere with your bathroom activities.

Q: My belly bind bunches, rolls, or moves during the day. How can I keep it from doing that?
Belly Binding was originally done for women who were practicing postpartum confinement - laying in bed for a majority of the time. However, that isn't usually practical and when you move, your bind is going to move and shift. The only way to prevent this is to re-wrap during the day but also to move less. Belly Binding is meant to encourage you to relax and rest. 

Q: Can I belly bind if I have a c-section?
A: Of course! We'll wait 4-6 weeks until your surgical scar is healed and your well on your way into your recovery. Your belly bind will still benefit you within the first tow months. We can also use a looser bind if you experience discomfort at the incision site. 

Q: Can I still belly bind if I have a miscarriage or still-birth?
A: You can still receive belly binding if either of these situations occurs, and in fact, the belly bind will speed your emotional as well as physical healing. Contact me for special bereavement pricing.

**FAQ content borrowed from with permission.