3 Hour Bringing Home Baby Private Class

3 Hour Bringing Home Baby Private Class


$50 nonrefundable deposit is due at the time the class is booked and to reserve your class date. The remaining $150.00 is due prior to the class date.

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3 Hour Private Bringing Home Baby Class
3 Hour Private Bringing Home Multiples Class

Sometimes an objective teacher is the best way to learn and teach your family the proper and safe way to care for your new baby.

In this private class we will learn:

  • How to care for mom after birth
  • How to feed your baby (breast or bottle)
  • How to bathe, swaddle, burp and care for your baby(ies)
  • How to safely put baby to sleep and in a car seat
  • Explore sleeping techniques and ways to develop a schedule while still allowing baby(ies) to set a natural feeding and sleeping rhythm
  • We also discuss the back-to-work plan

Bring as many caregivers (and babies) to the class as you'd like ($200.00 is per family. If you'd like to do the class as a group of soon to be/new moms, please contact us for a volume discount)