Virtual Doula Services

Virtual Doula Services

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Before purchasing, schedule your free 30 minute consultation to make sure virtual doula support is right for you!

Prepare to have a confident birth with one of our virtual doula support packages.

  • Virtual prenatal support prepares you for the big day by giving you online tools and three prenatal coaching sessions with me.

  • Virtual prenatal and birth support provides you with the full prenatal package + on-call labor support throughout your birth.

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Virtual Doula Support Packages

Virtual Prenatal Support

  1. Initial free 30- minute consultation

  2. Three 60 minute prenatal sessions to discuss birth preferences, provide education, learn new comfort techniques, talk through fears, problem solve issues.

  3. One session to debrief the birth experience.

  4. Also receive:

    1. A customized birth experience plan to share with your birth team.

    2. A free postpartum planning guide

    3. Receive an online labor support class for your birth partner

Virtual Prenatal and Birth Support

  1. All of the above +

  2. On call for the 4 weeks surrounding your due date

  3. Available over text or zoom throughout the birth to help you:

    1. Determine when to go to your place of birth

    2. Remind you of comfort techniques

    3. Talk through decisions that need to be made

    4. Help  remind you of positions to encourage progression or relaxation, and

    5. Much more!