Infant Sleep Education

Research has shown that sleep training doesn't stick. Why? Because the reason your baby doesn't sleep through the night changes based on where they are in their development. Something that worked when they were six months old won't work when they are eight months old. 

So, how do you find relief? You learn how you can work with your baby's needs and natural sleep patterns instead of trying to work against them. 

Our sleep education workshops teach you about your baby's development and how their milestones impact their sleep. We give you the tools you need to problem solve different sleep issues, ideas on how to work around sleep disturbances, and also help you set realistic expectations for your baby's sleep. 

Sometimes, just knowing what to expect and how to manage the realities of your baby's sleep is enough to bring relief to, what can be, a very stressful situation.


infant sleep coaching

Sleep Coaching

What is the difference between sleep education and sleep coaching? 

Our sleep education is done in groups and concentrates on giving you the facts and tools you need to apply this new knowledge to your unique situation. 

Our Sleep Coaching is done one-on-one in your home or over Skype where we concentrate on your unique family situation and current needs. The facts and information we share are designed just for you. Sleep coaching sessions also allow you to discuss more sensitive cases you might not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting. 

To be clear, this is not sleep training. We do not train your baby how to sleep through the night. Instead, we educate you and other family members on your baby's natural sleep rhythm and milestones so you know what to expect, when, and how to best manage each situation that may come your way.

We offer two types of private coaching services:

  1. E-Coaching
    • Skype or phone consult
    • Wellness Assessment for parent who does the majority of nighttime parenting
    • Customized Sleep Strategy Package for the family
    • One Follow up coaching call
  2. In-Home Coaching
    • In-­home consult and family interview
    • In-depth holistic wellness assessment for the parent(s)
    • Customized Sleep Strategy Package for the family
    • 1 Follow-up coaching call