Join Us for the Next Parent2Be Virtual Conference!

If you are a business or nonprofit who serves expecting parents, this is for you!

We are bringing the baby fair to expecting parents. On September 1, 2018 we are opening up the application process for childbirth educators, doulas, coaches, nutritionists, and more who serve expecting families. Participation is free!

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Our Partners

Birthing Confidence believes that parents deserve to be cared for holistically -  mind, body, and spirit - during pregnancy and postpartum.

Continuing to exercise as you have prior to pregnancy is usually okay but always be sure to consult with your care provider first before starting a new prenatal or postnatal exercise routine. 

Loudoun Pilates is a premier studio dedicated to utilizing the Pilates Method to teach movement and breath as tools to strengthen and heal the body.

Birthing Confidence has partnered with Loudoun Pilates in Leesburg, VA to meet many of your health and wellness needs.  

With an emphasis on deep core strengthening, stretching, and controlled movements, Pilates will reshape your body by developing long, lean muscles, improving postural alignment and increasing flexibility. Pilates greatly reduces joint, neck, and back pain and is widely considered to be an excellent tool for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Regardless of age or experience, our team of expert instructors is committed to guiding each client to accomplish individual goals and reach his or her ultimate potential. Pilates will transform your body and help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.



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