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Parent2Be is a crowd marketed conference which menas everyone leverages their own network to sell more conference tickets to parents. Please share your reach statistics with us. This will help us understand how to support you and also help us communicate our potential reach to all applicants.
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Allow The Parent2Be Conference and its parent company, Birthing Confidence, LLC to view and/or download a sample of the offering you indicate below. This information will only be used to judge the quality of the offering and will not be distributed, sold, manipulated, or reproduced in any way (print or digital).
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Speaking Opportunities
Our goal is to have two conference speakers per day. The speakers may choose to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything Session), group chat discussion, support group meeting, webinar, or live interview or panel discussion.
Webinars and live events will be conducted on the Parent2Be YouTube channel (only conference ticket holders will be able to join). Chats, AMAs and support groups will be held on the Parent2Be conference platform.
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Thanks for your interest in The Parent2Be Virtual Conference, sponsored by Birthing Confidence! 

The Parent2Be Conference will bring together hundreds of expecting parents and businesses into a virtual community. Parents will pay one low conference ticket price and have access to over $1000 worth of printables, webinars, e-books, e-learning, and expert speakers for 30 days! 

And everyone in the conference can earn MONEY! Businesses and parents each will get their own affiliate code and for each ticket they sell, they can earn commission! 

Timeline for Parent2Be Conference

More Facts About the Conference:

  1. It is free for vendors and speakers to participate as long as they offer a product or service to conference attendees.

  2. Parents pay a low conference ticket price for access to over a $1000 worth of products, services, and expert advice.

  3. It is crowd marketed, which means that vendors, speakers, and even expecting parents can earn commission for each ticket they sell by using their personal conference link!
  4. The conference welcomes national and local businesses. Expecting parents can find what they are looking for by topic or by geographic region! 
  5. It lasts for 30 days, with two speakers each day and enough time for expecting parents to get all the resources they need and recruit other parents to participate in the conference!

What the Conference Is NOT:

  1. It is not for direct selling businesses.
  2. It is not a physical event.
  3. It is not free for parents but it is low cost and they can earn the cost of their ticket back if they sell tickets to other parents.
  4. The conference will not distribute the contact information of attendees to businesses. 
  5. It is not where you can take, use, redistribute, or sell other people's intellectual property. Each business is protected by copyright law and you must receive explicit permission from the owner to use in a way that is mutually agreed upon. Learn more about intellectual property protection.
  6. It is not a place to promote your own community or webpage when not invited. (you can do this in your profile, on your product, and in comments where a parent asks for resources). No commercials!

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