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ONLINE Rock Your Birth Workshop: Natural Pain Management that Works

  • Online United States (map)

$15.00 per person

Pain is a normal part of birth. It is how your body communicates its needs to you. It tells you when it's time for your baby to be born, which positions to move into for comfort and to progress, and when and how to push. 

But pain can also by scary, especially if you're anticipating it and don't know what to expect or how you're going to manage it. Learning techniques to help you cope with labor pain and master it so it works for you, not against you, can help you overcome your fear of the unknown and be prepared to manage your labor pain with confidence.

In this group workshop you will learn:

  • The natural process of birth
  • Fear, pain and tension and how they impact birth
  • Position pain management strategies
  • Mental pain management strategies
  • Sensory pain management
  • Support pain management
  • The role of medication and other intervention